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There are no ovals, pace cars or rain delays. Rally racing features real cars racing against the clock on closed-off sections of real roads that are usually unpaved and unforgiving. Events can last several days and cover hundreds of Kilometers through rain, snow, day or night. This extreme test of skill, speed and endurance is what makes rally racing the world’s premiere and most exciting motor sport, and one that is quickly growing in Canada.

Insiders and even casual fans consider rally drivers to be the best all around drivers on the planet. They must master every road surface and every weather condition while possessing the endurance and stamina needed to make it through long hours and hundreds of Kilometers. As the old saying goes, "Circuit racers see 10 turns 1000 times while rally drivers see 1000 turns 1 time!"

The key to a rally driver’s success is their co-driver. Rally drivers cannot practice the course and must rely on their navigator (or co-driver) to survive. The co-driver uses a computerized odometer along with a supplied route book  or recce notes to communicate to the driver what lies ahead on the road. The route book describes in detail the road ahead and includes warnings for hazards such as cliffs, trees and junctions. Recce notes are composed by the driver and co-driver the day before the rally as they take a reconnaissance run on the stages and takes notes. All speed limits must be obeyed or face a fine or disqualification  Rally drivers determine what speed and angle to enter each turn or crest in the road by listening to their co-driver's constant instructions.

Gravel logging roads, mountain passes, well groomed forest roads - these are what make up the tracks for rally drivers. They are temporarily closed, actual public roads on which rally drivers can go flat out. With many events held across the country, the Canadaian RallyChampionship has a mix of everything from ice and snow in to super fast, smooth gravel  A typical Canadain Rally  Championship event will last two days and feature over 200 Kilometers of roads split up into competitive stages and transit sections. The competitive stages, or “special stages” are where the action lies; these are timed sprints on roads that vary from 5 to 35 kms. in length. The lowest cumulative time wins.

A rally car is the ultimate real world sports car; one that is capable of high speed and incredible handling on any road surface and in every weather condition. Fast yet strong, they must survive hundred of kilometers and several days of torture. As an additional challenge, all rally cars must be street legal, since they must traverse public roads with traffic between the competitive timed sections. The Canadaian Rally Championship features a lineup of cars that the average fan could buy from their local dealer, including Subaru WRX STis,  Hyundai Tiborun, Mitsubishi Lancers and Evos , Ford Focuses, VW Golfs, Honda, Toyota, and the list goes on.

Watching rally on TV is a spectacle, but seeing it in person is an awe inspiring experience. Fans get to line the road, mere feet from the sliding, jumping and gravel spraying action. There is usually transportation to the spectator areas. Fans can also freely check out the service areas where drivers and their teams repair the cars as well as at Park Expose. Meeting your favorite driver and touching your favorite rally car are guaranteed. Tickets? Most rally events are totally free!


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